25+ years, 80+ CAN based FMS parameters,
2000+ vehicle in our FMS database
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We offer brand independent real time in-car parameters for connected car services.

We collect the raw sensor data of trucks, vans, cars, buses, coaches, agricultural and construction machinery in standardized format right into your telematics system.

Our company has a 25-year-long track record in the car data business, and currently, we are selling our products in more than 85 countries. And by the way, we are totally crazy about cars. And trucks. And dumps.

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Testing and retrieving vehicle data from the CAN Bus network has never been easier.
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Discover a seamless way to test FMS vehicle parameters from your desk with our FMS Data Test Kit.


Our solutions help fleet managers optimize their operational costs and provide more customer value. How? We monitor fuel consumption, acceleration, hard braking, seat belt status and other parameters. Processing these aggregated data, you can define eg. the optional route based on the total cost or identify bad driving habits. Our technology also allows advanced services like usage-based leasing, risk-based insurance, and preventive maintenance.

CL-CAN Inventure product

Contactless CAN Sensor

Collect valuable information from your vehicle

Reading vehicle data without blanking, crimping, cutting? Yes, we CAN. Our Contactless CAN Sensor brings a reliable solution without warranty or safety issues.

FMS Gateway Inventure Product

FMS Gateway G2

Interpret vehicle parameters

Want to prevent fuel theft, avoid unnecessary operational expenses and protect the environment while driving smarter? The FMS Gateway G2 can help you do just that. With its outstanding engineering performance it will not disappoint.

Reefer box Inventure product

Reefer box G2

Provides reefer unit information

Get more information from your Thermo King and Carrier refrigerators units about cargo temperature, door status, and other data. See how the Reefer box G2 can enhance your telematics.

Trailer ID Inventure product

Inventure Trailer ID

Identifying your trailer and easing your life

Give a remotely recognizable unique identifier to both the truck and any number of trailers. Reduce human error and maximize utilization and task optimization.

Dig deeper

What is the difference between CAN and OBD? Check out our latest e-book and learn more about telematics, fleet management, automotive technologies and more.

What is the difference between CAN and OBD Inventure Ebook
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INVENTURE Automotive is among the very few companies in the world that are able to offer contactless CAN bus reading and processing solutions to clients, independently from the vehicle manufacturers. Our contactless sensor connects by a non-galvanic method to the CAN bus network of the vehicle.

INVENTURE Automotive serves fleet management service providers with telematics and vehicle data through our own developed FMS Gateway. We provide data to our clients according to the FMS Standard, including high resolution fuel related information, vehicle status information, service distance, total engine hours, vehicle weight, axle weight, etc.

The data provided is used to analyze and improve vehicle efficiency, eco-driving and maintenance planning.

INVENTURE Automotive is selling products in more than 85 countries in five continents especially in the EU, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi- Arabia, Canada, USA, Turkey and South Africa.

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